Tuesday, September 24

Recent Empties

Primark Red Poppy - Reed diffuser 
My bedroom is in our under build which unfortunately for me means that my room can smell damp especially in the autumn/winter when it gets a little colder and rainier so to combat that I always use lots of candles,air fresheners and reed diffusers this one was super cheap and it worked really well. 

Barry M - lip gloss 
I can't tell you the shade name because the sticker has fallen off but this lip gloss smells like strawberry sweets,its simply delicious.

 Oral B - 3D White Radiant Mint Toothpaste
I loved this toothpaste, and I'm quite the fussy wierdo when it comes to toothpastes. I can't stand if they are too strong or all at gritty in texture but this toothpaste was great and although I didn't notice any major whitening results I would still repurchase.

Along Came Betty - PoreFectly Clean Hot Cloth Cleanser
I completely adored this product, it smells like apricots which I love, it removes every single trace of make-up and leaves my skin feeling incredible, I'm a little heartbroken that I have used this all up because I can't get this in Spain.

Loreal -Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover 
This is the third one I have used up this year and I'm going to let that speak for itself,fantastic product and a definite make-up artist essential.

 Playboy- New York Deodorant 
This isn't actually mine, it's my boyfriend's. I always keep a deodorant for him at mine because he usually stays at mine on a Friday and plays cricket early Saturday morning and just in case you were lucky enough to not know ( playing cricket in the intense heat makes boys stink!!) 

 Intu Style -  Brunette Dry Shampoo
This product was pretty awful, it was chalky and left my hair feeling so weird and sort of slimy, im now a blonde so I definitely wont be repurchasing !

Deliplus - Champu Brillo Diamante
This was a pretty standard shampoo, it didn't do anything spectacular to my hair but It did the job and has a nice scent, I wont be rushing to repurchase.

Tesco - Soft and Smooth Body Lotion In Cocoa Butter 
This is a huge body lotion its 400ml which is massive and it was a bit of a pain to use up, the cocoa butter scent was really heavy and sickly and it took forever for the lotion to sink into my skin. 
Not a favourite of mine at all.

La Fiche Directions - Semi Permanent hair Colour In Sliver 
This is a hair toner, since I recently went blonde I bought this to tone down the orange brassiness that was in my hair and I honestly don't think it did very much.
Possibly my fault for not bleaching my hair light enough before using this, im planing on trying this again to see if it makes a different now that my hair is more platinum. 

Those were my recent product Empties, thanks for reading !

Thursday, August 29

Review: Loreal Micellar Water 3 in 1 cleansing Solution

Ever since make-up goddess Lisa Eldrige first showed the micellar water Bioderma in one of her videos I have been lusting after it madly but it's only available in Spain if you order online which can get very pricey. Some sites were even selling it for upwards of 20 euros prior to delivery and that's a lot to pay for something that you haven't tried before.

A micellar water is a cleanser that is basically oil suspended in water, unlike other cleansers you don't need to add water for it to work its make-up removing magic and it also doesn't leave any kind of residue on your skin.

So when I saw that Loreal had come out with they're own version I was overjoyed and when I saw it one day whilst shopping in Carrefour I momentarily turned into one of the pelicans from finding nemo ''mine,mine,mine''!

From the first time I used this product I was in love.

 It removed every trace of make-up on my face without giving me the clown effect (smeared eye liner anyone ?) It even removed my maybeline eye studio gel liner which is usually hell to take off, there was no residue, and because of the alcohol free formula it didn't dry out my skin at all.

Not only is this an amazing cleanser, its also a toner which is fantastic ! Who doesn't love multi purpose products ?

I would recommend this to absolutely everyone and anyone, it's perfectly affordable at only 5.99, its simple,quick and easy to use and you can even get it in asda or tesco while doing your weekly shop

amazing !

Wednesday, August 21

Collective Sale Haul Primark, H&M, Lefties, Make-Up And More !

Hey Everyone,

So, I have been spending far too much money and going shopping much more often than I should allow myself to, but I acquired quite a lot of new things so I thought I should do a haul before it all gets worn and used I hope you enjoy! 

First from Lefties I got this sleeveless blouse,In the picture it looks a navy sort of colour but its actually a bright royal blue, it has little jaguar shaped gold buttons on the collars which is such a cute touch this was 9.99

This Jumper is definitely not my favourite thing but I bought It solely because it was next to the till and reduced to just 1.99, its a really itchy wool material with lace panels down the side, this will be going to my mum who luckily is not as sensitive to itchy jumpers as I am !

 The last thing from lefties was this pair of medium denim coloured jeggings, they were 9.99 and they are super soft and comfy, bargain !

From Primark I got my boyfriend a pair of angry birds swimming shorts these were 12 euros reduced to 6, steal !

Next I went into a shoe shop called Urban MaryPaz that was having a massive sale, I got this gorgeous pair of nude studded sandals for just over 10 euros, they were 70% off which was amazing.

I then went into H&M and found this blossom noir body scrub that was reduced to just 1 euro, I haven't tried this yet but when I do I will make sure to do some sort of review.

Then from Loreal I got the micelar water, I have been wanting to try this ever since it came out, its basically a budget version of bioderma and since im panning a review on this I wont say too much but im definitely a fan, this was 5.99.

Also from Loreal I got the Superliner precise slim, this was around 9 euros, and I can't wait to use it !

From Maybelline I finally got my hands on the fit me concealer, I love the foundation and I am in desperate need of a new concealer so I thought i would give this a go, this was 5.99 I believe.

In the H&M sale I got this white and gold skull print body-con dress, this was reduced down to 10 euros, I'm not sure what the original price was but I love this !

One of my favourite things that I purchased was this creme de la creme crop top from Stradivarius, this was just 5.99 and I absolutely adore it.

This red lacy Body-con Dress was 29.99 from zara, its made from a really thick material so im excited to wear this with some black tights and a black leather jacket in the winter time.

This leather biker jacket was 15.99 from Stradivarius, I think this would look amazing with the red dress from zara.

Last thing that I bought from primark was this Blog Off T-shirt, I'm not really sure what blog off is supposed to mean but I bought it anyway this was 5 euros.

And the last thing I didn't technically buy, my lovely boyfriend won this for me at the arcade, its George from peppa pig and its so cute !

Monday, August 12

June/July Empties

Hello Everyone !

It was just over a month ago that I started a new job in a bar, I have been working pretty much full time between being a make-up artist and working as a barmaid and its been really tough on me. Thanks to it being the summer season and holiday makers being EVERYWHERE its been seriously busy at work which unfortunately leaves me with no time to do the things I enjoy doing like blogging.

Because I have had no time for blogging I now have a massive heap of empty products that have been piling up and after that massive intro its time to show you what they are !

Insette Coral Body Spray - This wasn't anything special, to be honest i just wanted to use it up so i could get rid of it, it smelled nice but definitely not a favourite of mine.

Primark Faking It Wash Off Instant Tan - I have had this product for years and years, I doubt that even still sell this, It wasn't the most natural looking tan that i have used but it smelled lovely and it wasn't orange.

Mellor&Russel Hair Repair Mask With Argan Oil - I actually found this in poundland whilst I was in England last October I thought the packaging looked really luxurious and definitely not like something you would find in a bargain store but this was actually really lovely, it was super thick in consistency and left my hair looking shiny and feeling soft, i would really recommend trying this if you can get your hands on it.

Body Shop Cocoa Butter Body Wash - This product was incredible, it was around a fiver and its hands down the nicest body wash that i have ever used it left my skin feeling super soft and it has the most delicious cocoa smell, its just lovely.

Johnson's Baby Wipes - These are pretty self explanatory, when im going on make-up jobs I always take these and as a result I go through loads and loads of packs.

Make-Up remover wipes from Mercadona - Just like the baby wipes, these are a make-up artist essential.

Radox SPA bath Soak Almond Oil - This bath soak was really inexpensive and I think it's a great product for the price, it smells lovely and gives your bath loads of bubbles, what more can you want in a bath soak ?

Cyclax Nature Pure Apricot Face Scrub - I bought this to see if it would work as a cheaper alternative to the St Ives apricot scrub and it sort of does but this scrub its a lot less harsh, I personally think its still to rough to use on your face but as a body scrub it works perfectly.

Maybelline One By One Mascara - I have a really love/hate relationship with this mascara, when i first got it i hated it and then when it dried out i started to really like it so im not too sure what to say about this one but its totally dried out and unusable now.

Primark French Nails - I use these false nails everytime I have a make-up job to do, they look so clean and professional and they are only 1.50 a pack, Bargain !

L'OREAL gentle eye make-up remover - I have talked about my love for this so much on my blog, its a total make-up artist must have. this make-up remover gets rid off even waterproof eye make-up its fantastic and a definite favourite of mine.

Those were all the products that I have used up in the last couple of months thanks so much for reading, What products did you use up this month ?

Sunday, August 11

How To Choose The Right Foundation For You

Hi Everyone,

here is a little article that I wrote for my local magazine, I thought it might be helpful to anyone that's struggling to pick the right foundation for their skin. I hope you like it and thanks for reading !

How To Choose The Perfect Foundation For You.

Getting the right foundation colour,finish and formula can be a daunting task but it doesn't have to be.

By following these 4 simple steps you could have flawless looking skin in no time.

- Skin Tone / colour

When choosing a foundation colour you first need to determine if you have a warm or a cool skin tone.

The easiest way to do this is look at the veins in your wrists, If they appear blue then you have a cool under tone but if they appear green then you have a warm under tone.

this is because with a warm skin tone there is yellow in the skin, that yellow tone counteracts with the blue veins and makes them appear green.

Once you have figured out which under tone you have, Finding a good colour match should be simple.

A great tip to use when foundation shopping is to swipe a little bit of one of the testers that you think is your colour along your jawline then find a source of natural light such as a window, with a mirror see if the colour stands out or if it seems to disappear.

If it stands out then it's probably a little too light or dark for you.

- Coverage

The next thing to consider when buying a foundation is how much coverage you want from it.

If you already have clear skin but you want to even out your skin tone slightly more then a light coverage foundation or a tinted moisturiser is a great option for you.

(You can even make your own tinted moisturiser by mixing a little of your foundation with your favourite moisturiser).

If you have some skin discolouration or mild acne then a medium coverage foundation would be the best choice for you.

If you have birthmarks, acne scarring or severe acne and you feel like you need slightly more coverage from your foundation then a full coverage foundation would be perfect for you.

the easiest way to find out the coverage in a foundation is to test it on your wrists, if you apply the foundation and you can clearly still see the veins in your wrists then its a light coverage foundation, if you apply the foundation and you can only slightly see the veins in your wrists then its a medium coverage and then if you apply the foundation and you can no longer see your veins at all then its a full coverage foundation.

- Finish

The next and last thing to consider when buying a foundation is the finish, foundations come in lots of different finishes, the most popular being matte and dewy.

a matte finish just means that when the foundation dries it has no shine to it whatsoever which is perfect for oily skin.

And a dewy finish just means that the foundation gives your skin a nice glowing appearance, a foundation with a dewy finish looks great on dry skin.